Twitch Streams

  • By 4s3ti
  • Mon 04 November 2019

Hi all, yes I am on twitch so let's clarify some stuff!

First and foremost I don't aspire to be a full-time streamer, I have a full-time job which I love and I intend to keep. Streaming for me its only a hobby where I try to mix some of my biggest passions, IT, Linux and Gaming.

My Streams goal is to demystify the Linux Boogeyman's as well as a lot of other misconceptions around the Internet, to show that gaming on Linux is actually a thing, raise awareness to the importance of our privacy and how easily we are giving it away, to help people to stay safer in the Internet and to show how the cyber-security and Internet world actually work, perhaps more people will understand the deep/dark web is not that bad after all? lets see where this is going to take me!

However, and also important to clarify, I spend a lot of my daytime working and when I get home all I want is to spend some time chilling and playing some games, so please bear with me and my !Awesome Game-play and whenever possible I'll bring you some new and different content more focused towards the real stream objectives. In the meantime feel free to interact in the chat, ask any questions and I will do my best to help and answer your questions!

Regular and permanent stream days

  • Monday: 20h30 GMT | 21h30 CET --> Apex Legends
  • Tuesday: 20h30 GMT | 21h30 CET --> Gaming On Linux: WoW/Overwatch
  • Thursday: 20h30 GMT | 21h30 CET --> Gaming On Linux: WoW/Overwatch

Non Regular streams

This streams not always happens due to various reasons, and whenever they happen it will be in the following schedules and always announced in the social media platforms

  • Friday: 20h30 GMT | 21h30 CET --> Random content!
  • Saturday: 14h30 GMT | 15h30 CET --> Random content!
  • Sunday: 14h30 GMT | 14h30 CET --> Random content!

Thanks, everyone for your patience and support!

OOH Btw... Don't forget to change your password and use 2FA!!