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Interested in computers and technologies since I can remember, the first computer which I played with was an Amstrad CPC 464.

Since then my curiosity and interest for computers kept growing, and after breaking my dad's computer endless times, learning that I could bypass windows password just by pressing cancel, figuring out how to access dial-up internet and beeing grounded because of the huge phone bills, I had the opportunity to have my own computer, which again, I broke and fixed endless times and with about 12 to 15 I already knew the HTML basis, and had the ability to solve the most common computer-related issues, coded my own IRC script and bots just because it was cool to have a fancy IRC script with a bunch of cool tools and built a web page for my skateboarding group.

Meanwhile, entered in IT Technician course at Secondary School, adolescence and girlfriends happened, learned to play guitar which I still enjoy very much, played a lot of online games, partied, had tons of fun with friends, gave my first steps in Linux, set up my first LAMP server by the end of my technical course in 2008, started working as freelancer technician, then joined the Portuguese Air Force as IT Systems Technician and currently working at AWS as DC Technician.

And basically, that's it! Hope you find what you're looking for on my blog.