4gentSm1th Commands

  • By 4s3ti
  • Sat 07 September 2019

Here follows a list of all available commands on my twitchbot.

Available to everyone





command list



shows how long 4s3ti has been on twitch



shows the title of current song


!gift [user] [num]      

gift points to user



shows how many hackz



joins queue



show online mods



show multistream link



display the next song in the request queue


!nextsong list          

shows the next 5 songs



shows the title of the previous song



show queue


!queue info            

show queue info


!queue list            

lists queue


!queue next            

lists next in the queue


!queue position        

shows queue position



try it! it might get nasty!



feeling lucky? try it!  


!skipsong vote          

opens a pole to skip song



shows streamer date and time



shows how long you spend in the stream



top hackz



shows day top clip



top time spend on stream



twitter prof


!twitter lastmention    

twitter last mention


!twitter lastretweet    

lst retweet


!twitter lasttweet      

last tweet



last vod



removes last song you have requested


Commands paid with Hackz





Randomly kills people or gets you jailed

10 hackz

!sr or !songrequest    

puts song in the queue

20 hackz


Plays airhorn audio

50 hackz


BadumTss audio

50 hackz


Plays clap audio

50 hackz


Plays error audio

50 hackz

Commands available to Mods





Checks if userfollowing


!deatctr set [num]      

Sets death counter number


!deathctr +            

+1 death counter


!deathctr -

-1 death counter


!deathctr reset        

Resets death counter


!hack add [user] [num]  

adds hacks from user


!hack all [num]        

adds hackz to everyone


!hack set [user] [num]  

Sets user hackz


!hack take [user] [num]

removes hack from user


!makeitrain [num]      

random ammount of points chat


!multi clear            

clears multi stream


!multiset [chan1 2 3]  

starts multistream, provide space separeted


!penalty [time]        

Stop user from gaining points for X minutes


!permit [user]          

Allows user to post link



Starts a poll


!poll close            

Close the poll


!poll open              

Starts Poll, poll open [question] [option 1, option 2] [Seconds] [Min votes]


!poll results          

anounce poll results


!queue clear            

Clears queue


!queue close            

Close queue


!queue open [sz] [title]

Open Queue


!queue pick [amount]    

Picks next [amount] from queue


!queue remove [user]    

Removes user fomr queue


!setgame [game]        

Sets Game to <game>


!settitle [title]      

Sets game title to [title]



shoutout to a streamer






!account link          

Links discord account with Twitch Account



Shows how many hackz you have



Showslast clip



same as hackz



shows top clip